Friday, May 30, 2008

Fine handicrafts and Unique creations now showcased at Be* U Cebu!

Sebastianne Handicrafts- Your fine source of unique and natural home textiles and fabrics now showcases their products at Be* U Cebu, 3rd floor One Mango Avenue Gen. Maxilum Avenue (Mango Avenue) Cebu City.

Sebastianne Handicrafts is one of Cebu, Philippines' top handicraft makers and upholds a history of fine creations since 1975.

See and experience first hand, ornaments and trinkets finely crafted to add beauty and elegance to your charming homes!

Products on display include:

All of these items are available for you on display at their booths, only at Be* U Cebu Gift Center, Night Market and Bazaar, One Mango Avenue.

Like what you've seen?
Simply tell us what you want and we'll get it for you!

***Shipping and handling quotes apply

Contact Be*U Cebu now at:
Tel # 2387826 / Mob.# 09173200915
Email us @:

Our friendly sales staff are always on hand to assist you with your queries.


shanishah44 said...

i like handicrafts but of certain type :)

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J-me Pikman said...

Have You heard of the sites Yummy Cebu, Gimmick Cebu, and Vacation Cebu? Well, guess what, at the office, my friend told me that Shopping Cebu was coming soon!!! Tada!!!

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